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Learn the most powerful boundary-setting and communication techniques and scripts that will increase a man's attraction and get him to fall deeply in love with you.

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After This Course, You Will Stop Making Compromises And Sacrificing Your Own Needs And Desires to Please Men

Read the questions below and if you can relate to any of them then "Magnetically Feminine Boundaries" is the one course that will change how men treat you forever.

  • Are you tired of feeling taken for granted or being friend-zoned by men without understanding why?

  • Do you have a pattern of attracting men who come on strong and then eventually lose interest, ghost, or disappoint you?

  • Do you find yourself confused by men's behavior when you are dating them?

  • Do you have a hard time spotting when a man is crossing your boundaries and when it's okay to let things go?

  • Do you have a tendency to spend too much time in "situationships" with men that just won't commit?

  • Do you ever wish that you had the perfect words to say to a man to bring him closer, increase his attraction for you, and make him want you and ONLY you?

  • Are you serious about investing in yourself and learning how to show up as an enticing, high-value queen that all men secretly wish to be with?

    ....If so, then this course is for you.

Welcome to "Magnetically Feminine Boundaries," the online course that will teach you how to communicate effectively with men, set healthy boundaries, and attract a high quality man with ease.

Many women end up pushing men away without realizing it because they don't know how to communicate with a man in his own language.

In fact, there is a very specific approach when it comes to showing up as a high-value woman in your interactions with men.

Communication with a man must include all 3 of the following elements - warmth, feminine energy, and assertiveness. Most women only know how to apply one of these but it is not enough. All three of these elements are essential if you want to truly ignite a man's attraction for you on a deep level.

This online course is the one tool that will help you set the right boundaries and standards, get clear on men's intentions, and show up as a deliciously attractive high-value woman.

Included are over 100 texting ideas, scripts and examples of what to say to a man in various dating and relationship scenarios.

Whether you want to learn how to initiate a conversation, send a flirtatious text, or respond when a man crosses your boundary - showing up as a confident, high-value queen will be easy because the work is already done for you!

No more awkward conversations or wasting time wondering what his intentions are.

Once you learn the techniques in this course, men will start putting you on a pedestal because they are completely unaccustomed to women showing up in such a confident and alluring way.

Attracting the high-value man that you've been waiting for will finally become easy.

With This Course, You Can Take Control Of Your Love Life And Attract The Right Kind Of Men Who Will Respect And Cherish You

Learn how to communicate your needs effectively, build attraction, and respond in any dating scenario

By learning effective communication and boundary-setting strategies, you will start to attract quality men who can't wait to commit you. Here is what you'll learn in this course:

  • How to set standards and boundaries when dating in order to get what you want (over 100 texting and conversation ideas included)

  • How to handle common “what if” situations in dating and relationships

  • How to communicate in a way that will deepen connection with a man

  • How to recognize and respond when a man crosses your boundary

  • Conversation techniques and scripts that you can use both through text and in person

  • How to bring up commitment and determine what his intentions are with you

  • How to get your needs met and ask for what you want in a committed relationship

"HOW you approach a man is EVERYTHING. Men are always responding to YOU, whether you realize it or not."

- Darya Chayko

Learn from a Leading Expert in Dating, Relationships and Boundary-Setting

Hey lovely, I have an important question to ask you.

Do you tend to spend way too much time dating the wrong men? Are you tired of men ghosting, growing distant, and disappointing you?

Do you wish that you could become that irresistible woman that knows exactly what to say to a man in any situation?

Then I have some fabulous news for you.

As someone who has been on dates with over 100 men that I met on dating apps, I have had lots of practice when it comes to talking to men and interpreting their behavior.

As a dating coach who has worked with hundreds of women, I have learned that the root cause of dating and relationship problems for most women is poor boundary setting. In fact, I believe that understanding how to talk to men is an essential skill that all women need to have - because the cost of not knowing is simply too great.

If you want to be with a man who cherishes every inch of your heart, mind, soul, and body, then it's important to understand this - a man will only commit to a woman on a deep level is if she communicates with him in a way that makes him feel good to be around her. You must be able to show him that you are capable of being both gentle and firm at the same time.

This course is going to teach you all of the communication strategies that you need to handle any dating scenario. Get ready to attract the right man and get him hooked on you like no other woman that he's ever met.

Darya Chayko,

a certified coach and dating expert, wife and mother who has helped countless women step into their feminine power and attract high-value men.


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All the tools you need to show up as a high-value woman when dating

Get the Support and Guidance You Need to Build Confidence and

Self-Esteem in Your Relationships

Explore the Modules of this Comprehensive 4.5-Hour Course

Transform Your Love Life with 64 In-Depth Modules on Attracting High-Value Men and Setting Boundaries.

Lifetime Access to the Course! See the Course Content Below:



Module 1. Welcome, Goddess

Module 2. The Pressure to Be a "Good Girl"

Module 3. Reasons Why It's Hard to Set Boundaries with Men

Module 4. 6 Types of Men You'll Attract If You Don't Set Boundaries

Module 5. 3 Crucial Ways to Start Setting Boundaries

Module 6. Identifying Your Standards and Boundaries

Module 7. Case Analysis: Setting a Boundary on a Date



Module 1. Less Is More

Module 2. The Right Amount of Effort

Module 3. Should You Mirror His Texting Behavior?

Module 4. Keeping Him Engaged

Module 5. Dealing with a Man's Baggage

Module 6. Using Your Feminine Energy to Connect

Module 7. The Art of Leaning Back


Module 1. Initiating in a High-Value Way

Module 2. Phrases to Capture His Interest on a Dating App

Module 3. Serious and Playful Conversation

Module 4. Texts to Build Attraction and Keep Him Interested

Module 5. How to Ask About His Relationship Goals

Module 6. Signs That You Shouldn't Date Him

Module 7. How to Move from Online to an Offline Date

Module 8. Getting Him to Ask You Out


Module 1. You Briefly Connected but Then He Pulled Away

Module 2. First Date Scenarios

Module 3. How to Reject Him and Handle Rejection

Module 4. How to Let Him Know You Like Him

Module 5. How to Give and Receive Compliments in a High-Value Way

Module 6. Getting Involved with Co-workers

Module 7. What If He Withholds Information

Module 8. He Wants to Meet at Your Place or His

Module 9. He Wants You to Come to His Part of Town

Module 10. How to Plan Dates

Module 11. Paying on a Date/Money Conversations

Module 12. Dealing with Canceled, Late, and Unreliable Dates

Module 13. Inappropriate Dating Behavior

Module 14. He Makes Plans Without Involving You

Module 15. How to Get Him to Text or Call You More

Module 16. He Texts Too Much or Too Little

Module 17. How to Channel Your Feminine Energy on a Date


Module 1. Why Do Men Ghost/Become Distant?

Module 2. He Doesn't Respond to Your Text

Module 3. Setting Boundaries When He Pulls Away

Module 4. If You Don't Hear from Him for a Few Days

Module 5. You Don’t Hear from Him for Several Weeks

Module 6. If He Ghosts and Comes Back Over a Month Later

Module 7. He Is Consistently Hot and Cold


Module 1. Intimacy - Men vs Women

Module 2. Intimate Conversations and Flirting

Module 3. When Men Ask for Photos

Module 4. Bedroom Boundaries


Module 1. When to Prioritize Each Other

Module 2. When and How to Discuss Commitment

Module 3. What If He Needs Space or Is Not Ready to Commit

Module 4. Discussing Commitment in a Long-Distance Relationship


Module 1. When to Delete Your Dating App

Module 2. Taking a Trip Together

Module 3. When Should You Move in with Him?

Module 4. When to Meet His Friends/Family


Module 1. If He Flirts with Other Women

Module 2: He Follows Models on Social Media

Module 3: When a Man Pulls Away in a Relationship

Module 4: How to Ask for What You Want

Module 5: How to Set Boundaries with an Ex

Module 6: Powerful Feminine Phrases to Bring a Man Closer

Effortless Learning: Our Flexible, On-Demand Format Makes it Easy to Fit the Course into Your Busy Schedule

This course is designed to be flexible and convenient, with lifetime access and online materials that can be accessed from any device at any time.

Study at your own pace and fit the course into your busy schedule.

Tailor your learning experience to your needs and preferences with our on-demand format. Get the most out of your investment with our easy-to-follow, step-by-step course.

  • Get lifetime Access To All 64 Modules on Demand

  • Access The Content of The Course From Any Device

  • Apply To Your Unique Dating/Relationship Scenarios Easily With Bonus Transcript

  • Bonus Texting Guide to Leave Him Wanting More

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